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Submitted by: Ritesh Sinha

Are you a business owner representing a product or service?

What’s your point of differentiation?

What separates you from your competitors?

Is it quality? .Is it the price?….. Is it the packaging?…. Is it placement or promotion?

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The bottom line is, are you selling? If not, why not? They say nothing happens unless you advertise. No advertising = no sales. But many business people are leery of paid advertising because it just doesn’t seem to return the investment. There are many reasons for this–throwing out spotty advertisements, whether online or offline doesn’t work well most often and who can afford to advertise en masse regularly? People are desensitized by hyper advertising on TV, radio, Internet, junk mail, magazines, etc.

Many Websites, offering advertising solutions, will promise the world, wittingly hiding their true agenda. Internet advertising veterans are familiar with which methods work and which are offered for ulterior motives. However, this comes from experience and, in many cases, moderate expense. Advertising on the internet is still evolving. New ideas are born, and old ones die, almost daily. Because of this, novel advertisers should familiarize themselves with forms of advertising offered before pursuing the solution.

Advertisers are very creative little sneaks who try all kinds of angles to fool you into not realizing you are being advertised as they cloak advertisements into “infomercials” and now they cloak infomercials into looking like some interview. Buzz words like “info-ads” which are designed to highlight the problems you didn’t know you had and set forth-easy solutions to complicated problems if you only “buy now”.

The answer may lie in advertising. Advertising is about turning heads, even if the necks are sore (in good humour). But turning necks isnt easy business as there are a lot of things that glue your consumers focus. At LogicFlick, we believe the key lies in understanding people, brands and being creative enough to make people stand up and take notice.

We get close and personal with your brand and customer. We believe in diving into their souls. We are affable and take up the role of an irreplaceable confidante.

The result is a precise know-how of your brand and an understanding of your customers that is unrivalled. As Brand Consultants for digital marketing services, we understand the importance of building enduring brands and therefore invest our total energy in creating Brands that can weather the roughest storms of the harsh market environments.

Our objective understanding and creative solutions, that are alter-egos to the data, help us deliver solutions that work out in the long term.

Using the right media vertical is critical. If you arent doing that, its quite like looking for Zen-like calm in a bustling railway station. At The LogicFlick, we study each vertical, its effectiveness in reaching the right targeted customers and communicating the message effectively. Our dutifully gathered data helps us in achieving complete success in providing digital marketing services.

An ad developed by us represents and engulfs the minds of our creative and media teams. And influence every kind of communication we conjure up and publish/print/exhibit to meet every kind of marketing need of every kind of client public, government, social, spiritual, educational

Our creations are aimed to maximize impact in any kind of medium press, magazines, television, radio, outdoor, posters. You name it, our creative team measures up with eye-catching visuals and hard-hitting copy for developing the right awareness with the right audience for you.

Ultimately, our objective is to develop a definitive brand identity that reflects the corporate ethos of the organization in relation to its interaction with the defined public. For any solutions related to digital marketing services, we can be reached at

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